2 Night 3 Days Chitwan Jungle Safari Tours, an Experience of Wildlife in Nepal

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Update on: June 5, 2023

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tours offers the most incredible adventures in the deep woods of the Terai Region. Explore the mesmerizing wilderness, encounter wildlife, and create unforgettable memories.

Get a close-up look at Chitwan’s native fauna and vegetation on this 3 night 2 days, fascinating tour.

The trip presents mesmerizing endangered species, intense jungle adventures, and thrilling river activities. It brings genuine enthusiasm and new experiences to the visitors.

After your trek adventures in the high Himalayas, Chitwan Jungle Safari tours await. Immerse yourself in this new experience and discover the wonders of the jungle.

It introduces a new type of adventure in Nepal’s plain, the Tarai region. Here you may experience a new level of excitement and pleasure. The mossy trees, reptiles, amphibians, and carnivorous and herbivorous animals will astound you.

Chitwan Jungle Safari tour offers complete wild exhilaration, making it an unforgettable holiday experience. It is one of the best ways to indulge and savor the adventure.

One horn Rhino at Chitwan National Park
One horn Rhino at Chitwan National Park

Discovering the Exquisite Biodiversity of Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park’s green and abundant plants welcome visitors with many exciting adventures. The enchanting sounds of the forest add a touch of vibrant beauty to the surroundings.

Serene spot by the Rapti River offers scenic views of lush meadows and woodlands. This tranquil location provides a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for all the visitors.

The incredible wildlife and lush vegetation will surprise you as you delve deeper. The ambiance will be different, from the stunning view of the wildlife’s endangered species to the swaying trees. Each moment offers a unique experience that captivates the senses.

During the Chitwan National Park tour, encounters with Royal Bengal Tigers and One-horned Rhinos are common. Additionally, the park is also home to magnificent Wild Elephants.

Sightings of deer, diverse bird species, and vibrant river crocodiles exhilarate the tour. The park also offers a diverse range of other wildlife, enhancing the experience.

The jeep safari will take you through every part of the jungle. It will provide the spectacular beauty of Chitwan National Park’s fauna and nature. It’s a comprehensive way to explore and appreciate the park’s diverse offerings.

Explore a neighboring village and interact with the local inhabitants

The Tharu inhabitants live within the forest environment and are authentic and connected to the natural world. They have a deep understanding of the ecosystem and its intricacies.

Living in harmony with nature, they have unique insights into the forest’s secrets. Their presence adds a rich cultural experience of exploring Chitwan National Park.

Touring the adjacent Tharu settlements provides insights into their culture. Engaging with the locals uncovers their unique bond with nature. Unexpected encounters with the natural world further enrich the experience.

Admiring the ancient design houses and observing their traditions offers a unique experience. It provides a deeper understanding of their rich cultural heritage.

A short walk to Tharu Village is a delightful experience on the Chitwan Jungle Safari tour. The modest Tharu inhabitants always amaze visitors with their distinctive and fascinating lifestyles.

Highlights of Chitwan Jungle Safari Tours

  • Visit an Elephant breeding center as well as surrounding settlements
  • Experience the tranquil atmosphere of Nepal’s first national park
  • Canoeing serenely through a thick jungle while following the Rapti River’s stream
  • Take in the sight of the numerous species of birds and wildflower habitats
  • Immerse yourself in the daily lives of endangered wildlife
  • Relish the taste of delicious snacks while resting on the banks of the Rapti River

Itinerary of 2 Nights 3 Days Chitwan jungle Safari Tours

Day 1: Kathmandu to Chitwan

Our adventure will begin with a delicious breakfast in the morning in Kathmandu. Enjoy a luxurious tourist bus ride to the south from Kathmandu, passing through beautiful villages. The journey will last approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.

The bus will pass through the natural beauty of Trishuli River, Mugling Bazar, Bharatpur, etc. Also, the drive will take us through various communities along the route. Enjoy the scenic views of hills and rivers along the way.

The fantastic hotel in Chitwan is where we’ll spend the night.

Day 2: Full-Day Chitwan Jungle Safari Activities

Elephant Safari in Chitwan National Park
Elephant Safari in Chitwan National Park

The new morning brings optimism, setting the perfect mood to explore Chitwan’s woods.

First, we will go bird watching in the Chitwan jungle. There, we will observe rare species of birds like cuckoos, peacocks, kingfishers, and even Siberian swans.

After that, we will go on a four-hour jeep safari. Additionally, we will enjoy an elephant ride deep into the forest. We will have thrilling encounters with the one-horned rhino and Royal Bengal Tiger during these adventures.

The jungle walk will be another activity today. We’ll go to the farthest reaches of the forest to see the gorgeous blossoms and vegetation.

Additionally, we will visit a neighboring Elephant breeding center. This visit will allow us to observe and interact with the magnificent Elephants.

Also, we will tour the neighboring settlements. It provides valuable insights into the customs and traditions of the local community. Finally, we will head to the hotel for a restful night.

Day 3: Drive to Kathmandu/Pokhara

The sunrise view in the morning from Chitwan will be breathtaking. Today, we’ll take a luxury bus back to Kathmandu.

The bus excursion will take us across the hills. We will experience a transition from lower to higher elevations while traveling on a lovely roadway. The journey will finish within 5 hours, reaching our destinations.

The lovely city of Kathmandu will be the location for the overnight stay.

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tours Activities

Jeep Safari

The Chitwan Jungle Jeep Safari is one of the more adventurous things to do in Chitwan. During this safari, we use 4WD jeeps with plenty of rear space to give visitors an open view of the surroundings.

Visitors can enjoy a spectacular glimpse of exotic species while driving through the forest on a narrow, curved track. These include one-horned rhinos and Royal Bengal tigers as well.

The view of the entire forest during the jeep ride is fantastic. It saves energy and offers a comfortable journey through the jungle.

Explore the deepest parts of the jungle and experience a quiet ride through a jeep safari in the group. You can reserve a private group ride for a private jeep safari tour by paying an extra fee.

Also, it is preferable to wear simple clothing that suits the surroundings of the jungle.


Canoeing is one of the most spectacular and unique activities to do while in Nepal. Chitwan is among the most significant locations for canoeing excursions.

The tranquil stream of the Rapti River provides an extraordinary canoeing experience. It takes you deep into the forest, encountering beautiful creatures and lush vegetation.

Starting from Chitwan, canoeing can take you up to Jagatpur. The journey offers breathtaking forest views from the unique perspective of the river. Also, you can observe the magnificent sight of crocodiles sunbathing on the riverbanks.

River’s tranquil stream offers an excellent opportunity to glimpse beautiful birds. It also allows you to observe a variety of amphibians and unique fauna. A guide will assist you in all aspects of your experience.

Jungle walk

A jungle walk is another popular and fun activity during Chitwan Jungle Safari tours.

The narrow pathway through the deep woods of the jungle runs alongside the Rapti River. It offers tourists a delightful sensation of a peaceful setting. The pathway also offers a spectacular view of the lush foliage and diverse species.

One can trace the remarkable paw impressions of the tiger and other creatures in the jungle.

While walking through the jungle, the melodious songs of birds in the vast woodlands create a delightful ambiance.

Your tour guide will lead you deep into the heart of the forest. There, you can experience the moist atmosphere of the vegetation. You may also have the chance to spot the one-horned Rhino and other animals, including the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Also, it is common to see deer grazing in adjacent meadows and monkeys jumping above the trees. There is a possibility of spotting Jackals and other small creatures near the large muddy pit and shrubs.

The jungle is home to 56 species, some of which can be dangerous. So, certain precautions are necessary during the Jungle Walk.

Elephant Breeding Center

The Elephant breeding center is around an hour from Sauraha’s central city. There will be various local transportation options that can get you to the location.

Chitwan’s Elephant Breeding Center was founded in 1985. Its purpose is to preserve endangered elephants while domesticating their presence.

At this center, you can learn about making Elephant food. You can also observe the adorable Elephant babies during their visit.

You may capture stunning photographs while getting closer to the Elephants. Interacting with the center members offers a chance to learn more about these animals.

Elephants, despite their size, are remarkable creatures. They are often considered to be among the most adorable and majestic mammals.

Safeguarding these mammals contributes to the natural and ecological balance. It helps maintain the harmony of the magnificent woodland environment.

Bird Watching

Kingfisher in Chitwan National Park
Kingfisher in Chitwan National Park

One of the most delightful aspects of touring Chitwan is bird watching. The Chitwan Jungle Safari tour package offers the beautiful activity of bird watching to delight visitors.

The location for bird watching is fantastic. It is exactly 2 to 3 kilometers away from the central core of the national park.

A professional biologist will guide you through the forest. They will be dressed in clothing that blends with the woodland’s vegetation.

With a binocular or camera, you can capture stunning images of uncommon bird species. These include the Giant Hornbill, Pelican, Lesser Florican, and various Siberian birds.

Siberian birds migrate from Siberia to the picturesque landscape of Chitwan. They do so to escape the cold and find new habitats and temporary shelter. The Chitwan Jungle Safari tour also reveals the captivating sight of a Kingfisher diving underwater to catch fish.

Furthermore, while observing, one can gain insights into the diversification of bird species. The activity will be worthwhile if you want to learn about the birds’ habitats in Nepal’s plains.

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Update on: June 5, 2023