Chitwan National Park Tours: Exploring the Enchanting Wildlife and Local Culture

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Update on: June 24, 2023

Chitwan National Park is a haven for magnificent wildlife and natural wonders. Also, it is home to the unique and most spectacular creatures. There are many things to do and explore during Chitwan National Park Tours. So the number of days one stays always feels less.

Diverse cultures, rural charm, incredible people, and distinct culinary traditions encourage extended stays. However, the 3 nights 4 days Chitwan National Park tour package is ideal for anyone looking to do more in less time.

In 4 days in Chitwan, you can have an immersive experience in culture, food, and nature. Also, you can get closer to the local culture and traditions. We have designed a 3 nights 4 days Chitwan National Park tour itinerary for a memorable journey.

Chitwan National Park Tour
Chitwan National Park Tour

Geography of Chitwan National Park

The Chitwan National Park is located in the Terai region of Nepal. Terai is the name given to the southern part of Nepal, considered the hottest part of the country.

Chitwan National Park spans four districts in Nepal: Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Parsa, and Makwanpur. Sauraha and Megauli, the nearest towns, offer many resorts and lodges for tourists.

The park covers an area of 952.63sq. Km. An area of about 750 is declared as a buffer zone in 1996. The area covers forests, cultivated lands and also private lands.

The locals and the government share the responsibility of managing the buffer zone. Around 30-40% of the park revenue supports buffer zone area development and management.

The park divides into four sectors: Western, Kasara, Eastern, and Madi. All these sectors mainly consist of dense forests and restricted areas.

A brief history of Chitwan National Park

The Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.

The park’s immense natural beauty captivates visitors worldwide. It serves as a habitat for endangered animals.

Apart from trekking, a visit to this particular park in Nepal is the main reason for tourist visits. Hence most of the park revenue comes from the tourist.

The park was before under the responsibility of the Royal Nepal Army starting in 1975.

However, with the change in the political system from a monarchy to a democracy, the Department of National Park and wildlife conservation is now responsible. It is a governmental body.

Moreover, about eight thousand Nepali soldiers guard the park from all around. The army patrols around the park and make sure no illegal activities take place.

White-eyed Buzzard in Chitwan
White-eyed Buzzard in Chitwan

Highlights of Chitwan National Park Tours

The park consists of all the natural features, including sandy land and plains suitable for cultivation. Also, there are hills, rivers, and lakes within the park. Moreover, it is home to a variety of stunning natural resources.

The Narayani River and Rapti River flows close to the national park. These rivers serve as water sources for humans and animals in the park.

Animals are often spotted near water bodies. Many photographers wait for hours near water bodies. They eagerly search for animals to pass by to capture in their photos. Their patience is often rewarded with success.

The park is home to some of the rarely found and endangered animals. A huge variety of flora and fauna can be found here and hence the park is very fascinating to nature lovers.

Many tourists go on Chitwan National Park tours in search of specific species of flora or fauna.

Deer at Chitwan National Park
Deer at Chitwan National Park

Variety of Species in Chitwan National Park

According to research, there are about 700 species of wildlife in the park. These include 70 mammal species. There are also 113 types of fishes and 17 species of reptiles, including snakes. Additionally, many other small and common animals live here.

The park is home to several mammals, including one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, Gaur, and more.

Also, there are about 600 types of birds in the park according to a survey done in 2006.

One horned rhino at Chitwan National Park
One horned rhino at Chitwan National Park

Itinerary of 3 Night 4 Days Chitwan National Park Tours

Day 01: Travel to Chitwan from Kathmandu/Pokhara

On the first day of the Chitwan National Park tours, you will travel from Kathmandu to Chitwan. You have various transportation options, including tourist buses, cars, and flights.

During road travel, you can see charming small villages along the way. You’ll also see the Trishuli River and stunning views of the surrounding hills.

The journey by road generally takes around four hours to reach Chitwan. If you travel by flight, the duration is approximately 30 minutes.

After arriving in Chitwan, you can spend the afternoon exploring Tharu villages. Visit the elephant stables and enjoy the sunset by the river. In the evening, you can see the vibrant Tharu cultural dance. Overnight stay in a resort.

Day 02: Enjoy different activities in Chitwan National Park

After breakfast at the resort, you will go for some exciting activities in Chitwan National Park. The activities include canoeing, jungle hiking, bird watching, and visiting the center made for elephant breeding.

Also, you can do an elephant back ride tour in the National Park.

Day 03: Jeep Safari

You will go for an early morning Jeep tour on the third day of Chitwan National Park tours. You can spend the rest of the day relaxing and visiting local shops and restaurants.

Day 4: Travel to Kathmandu/Pokhara

On the fourth day, you can leave for Kathmandu or Pokhara by bus, car, or flight.

Main Attractions of Chitwan National Park Tours

1. Exploring Tharu Culture

Tharu Cultural Dance at Chitwan
Tharu Cultural Dance during Chitwan National Park Tours

Exploring Tharu village is a favorite for tourists on Chitwan Nepal Park tours. It gives a very close view of the culture and customs of the Tharu community. This community people are the oldest residents in Chitwan.

Previously, they cultivated crops near the Chitwan National Park until the government passed the rules. Later, the government’s actions forced them to shift to other parts of the town.

These people still follow old and unique customs despite modernization and the onset of newer technologies.

Guides are available for anyone willing to understand the customs in more detail. The people here are super kind. They have much knowledge about nature and wildlife as their lifestyle revolves around Sauraha.

Apart from that, the Tharu folk dance using a stick by a group of boys and girls is fun to watch. You can enjoy this cultural dance during the evening as it takes place in a theater in the town. Also, many resorts organize special folk dances for their guests in the resort itself.

Furthermore, you can explore the Tharu village museum in the town’s center.

2. Visiting the Elephant Stable

Elephant Stable at Chitwan
Elephant Stable at Chitwan

On the Chitwan National Park tour, you can see elephants walking around the town. Also, you can visit any nearby elephant stable to see the Elephant’s food habits and interaction.

The locals will help you interact with them and provide related information. Elephants are huge mammals; seeing them eating and roaming around can be very fun.

3. Sunset View

Sunset view at Chitwan National Park
Sunset view at Chitwan National Park

The viewpoint near Rapti River is the best spot to watch the sunset. This viewpoint lies at the end of the main road of the town.

The river is a natural boundary between the National Park and human settlement.

You can find many small restaurants and tea houses near the viewpoint.

Sitting around here in the peaceful environment near the river and watching the sunset is exciting.

The National Park in the background, the river below, and the most fantastic sunset are the best ways to end your day in Sauraha.

4. Elephant bathing

Elephant Bathing at Chitwan National Park
Elephant Bathing in Chitwan National Park

Elephant bathing is a fun activity to spectate, or you can also take part. This activity takes place in the Rapti River. The bathing begins mostly around nine o’clock in the morning.

About twelve to fifteen elephants near the river usually bathe by splashing water from their trunks. It’s so much fun to spectate this activity from the river bank.

Elephant Bathing Experience during Chitwan National Park tours
Elephant Bathing in Chitwan National Park

However, you can be a part of the experience. You can sit on an elephant’s back, and the animal splashes water like in a shower.

This activity, the elephant shower, is a great way to start your day. Elephants are cheerful creatures who reflect positive energy.

5. Canoeing in Rapti River

Canoeing in Rapti River
Canoeing in Rapti River during exciting Chitwan National Park Tours

If you are looking for a great adventurous activity, Canoeing is a great option. The activity takes place in Rapti River.

You are given a traditionally carved canoeing board that is safe and great for a ride. You can reach Jagatpur from Sauraha through Rapti river.

On the way, you may see crocodiles taking a sun bath at the bank of the river.

It is peaceful yet fun to canoe about eighteen kilometers to reach Jagatpur. You can also make a shorter journey if you are not interested in canoeing for long.

6. Jungle Hiking

Jungle Hiking in Chitwan National Park
Jungle Hiking in Chitwan National Park

Jungle hiking on the Chitwan National Park tour is one of the most adventurous things in Sauraha. This hike is about ten to twelve kilometers long and is the closest way to view the forest and park.

The company of an experienced guide will make your journey safer and more secure. So, make sure to take a guide along with you while jungle hiking in Chitwan National Park. Also, carrying sharp objects or weapons during your hike is illegal.

The guide will give you a few instructions before entering the park, so make sure you follow them throughout.

You can encounter sloths, rhinos, wild elephants, crocodiles, and many other creatures on the way. Also, you can explore various flora and fauna in the jungle.

7. Jeep Safari Tour

Chitwan Jeep Safari
Chitwan Jeep Safari Tours

The Jeep Safari is an excellent alternative to the hike for anyone not willing to walk for very long. It is also a safer way to explore the jungle on Chitwan National Park tours.

Your Jeep driver will take you around the jungle and explain to you well about the species you find on the way. You can opt for a full day of rides or a short ride that will last a few hours. A full-day safari is a good option to explore the park more deeply.

Start your journey as early as possible, as it will increase your chances of seeing more animals. An early morning visit is definitely a better option.

The jeep driver takes you to places with a high chance of seeing an animal. The jeep moves at the average speed in the forest, and the driver slows it down when you spot any animal.

Also, the cold fresh breeze of air touching your face as the jeep moves through the forest is the best feeling ever.

Wearing earthy and dark colors during the safari is recommended as it does not attract the forest creature towards you.

Also, lunch is provided in the park itself for a full-day jeep ride.

8. Elephant breeding center

Elephant Breeding Center at Chitwan National Park
Elephant Breeding Center at Chitwan National Park

This center is known as Hattisar in Nepali. The center is an area for keeping elephants, feeding them, taking care and breeding new ones.

The best part about the breeding center is that it often has small baby elephants who are still infants. They are the cutest living creatures and are very active.

You can see them run around the center and eat different types of food. It is a great way of knowing elephants and their behavior.

Frequently Asked Question about Chitwan National Park Tours

How to get to Chitwan National Park?

You can travel by air from Kathmandu to Bharatpur and then take any local vehicle to Sauraha.

You can also travel via local bus or tourist bus from Kathmandu or Pokhara to Sauraha.

Where to stay near Chitwan National Park?

Sauraha is completely full of good lodges, hostels, and luxury resorts. Depending on your budget, you can book accommodation in any hotel in Sauraha.

When to visit Chitwan National Park?

You can travel to Chitwan anytime between October and February, as the weather is pleasant during these seasons. It is almost unbearably hot in Chitwan in summer. It is around 30 to 45 degrees in peak summer.

However, Chitwan National Park tours are open throughout all seasons.

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Update on: June 24, 2023