Authentic Himalayan Food Available During Your Trek in Nepal

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Update on: May 24, 2023

Nepal is a gem of the Himalayan adventure, known for its breathtaking landscapes. It also offers amazing Himalayan food that captures the essence of the region’s life.

You can expect exhilarating adventures while trekking in Nepal. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to taste the authentic Himalayan foods. Local food enhances your trekking experience with hearty meals and aromatic spices.

Just the thought of Himalayan food makes our mouths water. We have fond memories of enjoying Himalayan hot and spicy soups. It has the incredible ability to warm our hearts, even in freezing temperatures.

In this beautiful paradise, you’ll encounter a distinct flavor reflecting rich culinary traditions. The diverse indigenous communities have passed down these traditions through generations.

Nepal comprises lots of traditional stuff from lifestyle, culture to fooding habits. Nepal has uniqueness in all these. The Nepalese kitchen cooks diverse cuisine in different parts of the country. From Newari, Thakali, and Pahadi to Madhesi, you can savor a variety of flavors during your trek in Nepal.

Fooding plays a vital role in the health of a trekker. A balanced diet with all the necessary ingredients improves stamina and altitude acclimatization. It’s crucial for a successful trek in Nepal. This helps with proper altitude acclimatization during your hike. At such a massive altitude, one needs food that keeps the body warm and secure.

Trekking requires foods that manage heat and stamina in the body. During your in Nepal, you can enjoy the following delightful Himalayan foods.

Popular Himalayan Foods During Trekking in Nepal:

1. Dal Bhat

Nepali Dal Bhat
Nepali Dal Bhat

There is a saying in Nepal, “Dal Bhat Powers 24 hours”. Dal Bhat (Lentil Soup) is the perfect food for exploring Nepalese cuisine. This food consists of steamed rice, well-cooked lentils, and other pulses, generally called ‘Dal,’ served with available seasonal vegetables and pickles.

Dal Bhat contains plenty of carbohydrates, proteins, fluids, vitamins, and minerals and is considered an excellent food for walking across the hills and trekking on the Himalayan surface.

The following varieties of Dal Bhat are cooked in Nepal

  • Veg Dal Bhat
  • Non-Veg dal Bhat (served with different varieties of meat curry)

The cooking style of Himalayan Dal Bhat is similar to the other regions, but the taste makes it the best. You will find more than four seasonal vegetables along with 3-4 varieties of pickles. Dal Bhat is a national food cooked and consumed anywhere you trek in Nepal.

2. Dhindo

Dhido Set
Dhindo Set

This food is considered a national cuisine resembling the geographical vegetation in the Hilly region.

Dhindois prepared by adding and stirring flour in boiling water. Dhido is regarded as a prestigious Nepalese cultural food cooked even in urban areas, even in a low-status families.

This food carried the burden of Nepalese hunger over the centuries when the trade of food was challenging in the Hilly region due to geographical difficulties.

Dhido is rich in nutrients that comprise carbohydrates, Protein, Fiber, fat and other nutrients contributing to a balanced diet. Dhido can serve with different vegetables and pickles per the availability and season. This food is mainly available on the route of Langtang Valley trekking.

3. Gundruk, Sinki (Fermented Leafy Vegetables)


Gundruk and Sinki are excellent Nepalese traditional multi-usable food that can be used as pickles or vegetables. This cuisine is a perfect match with Dal bhat or even Dhindo.

Gundruk and Sinki stipulated as the ideal only in Nepal cuisine prepared by burying the leafy vegetables for 15 days in soil. The taste of Gundruk and Sinki are sour and hence contribute to Vitamins C and vitamin A in your diet.

Gundruk and Sinkiare cooked in all trekking destinations in Nepal as preordered by the visitors.

4. Momo

Momo is considered one of the favorite Himalayan food among foreigners.

Momo is served with soup, and pickles made up of tomato, garlic, ginger, and many secret ingredients in different soup versions all over Nepalese Kitchens.


Momo is the most popular food in Nepal, offering options for both vegetarians and meat lovers. It can be filled with meats like chicken, mutton, pig meat, or buffalo or prepared as a vegetarian alternative. Momo is a convenient fast food option commonly taken during breakfast.

Momo is prepared by making roti of flour packed with vegetables or meat and then cooked with water vapors over time.

Momo has a different taste compared to any other food in the world. People use mushrooms, paneer, or cheese with vegetables or meat combinations for the best flavor. The art of making Momo involves various designs and appearances.

The following varieties of Momoare found in Nepal

  • Veg Momo
  • Chicken Momo
  • Cheese Momo
  • Veg Momo fried or steamed
  • Potato Momo
  • Buff Momo

5. Thukpa

Himalayan Food, Thukpa
Himalayan Food, Thukpa

Thukpa, another Himalayan food generally served on most trekking routes, is the bigger version of instant noodles. This food is usually cooked in cold areas or during cold weather and served with soup.

Thuppa is an excellent heat source consisting of a hash of different mineral-rich vegetables and pulses. Trekkers prefer Thukpa in high altitudes in low temperatures as it provides heat and is not weighty. Here are the varieties of Thukpa served in Nepal.

  • Veg Thukpa
  • Egg Thukpa
  • Chicken Thukpa
  • Buff Thukpa
  • Mixed Thukpa

Thukpa is the best meal for breakfast and fast food. It can be made with complete nutrients, adding coriander leaves, spring onion, garlic leaves, pulses, and other leafy vegetables and soup.

6. Eggs

Egg Omelet
Egg Omelet

Nepal offers eggs from various types of hens and bird species. Among these, the eggs sourced from Local Hens have the highest value in terms of caloric content. The eggs derived from broiler poultry, duck, and local hens are commonly served during Himalayan trekking journeys due to their reputation as a rich source of calories, earning them the title of “calorie king.”

Eggs are a common item offered across all of the trekking destinations in Nepal, ranging from Langtang Valley trek, Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek, Gokyo Valley trek, Manaslu trek, to Annapurna trek. Below are the varieties of food items made of eggs commonly available throughout these trekking routes.

1. Boiled eggs
2. Cheese Omelets
3. Scrambled eggs
4. Egg Omelets
5. Fried eggs
6. Plain Omelets
7. Poached eggs

These food items made of eggs offer trekkers a variety of choices to enjoy a hearty and nutritious meal during their adventurous journeys.

7. Pasta and Macaroni

Mixed macaroni
Mixed macaroni

The Himalayan Food menu also includes various breakfast options such as Pasta and Macaroni. These dishes are known for their quick cooking time and the ability to be customized with multiple flavors. Macaroni can be served with vegetables or non-vegetarian items as per your need. Here are some variations of Pasta and Macaroni that are commonly enjoyed:

  • Plain macaroni
  • Macaroni with vegetables, cheese, and egg
  • Mix macaroni
  • Veg fried pasta
  • Cheese-fried pasta
  • Pasta with cheese and tomato sauce

These delightful pasta and macaroni dishes provide a satisfying and flavorsome breakfast experience for those exploring the Himalayan region.

8. Noodles


Instant noodles for breakfast are standard in cold Himalayan areas. Within five minutes of your order, you can have your delicious mouth-watering soup of noodles. Noodles can be veg and nonveg flavored as per your order. Various noodle brands like RUM PUM, WAI WAI, Preeti, and 2 PM are cooked all over Nepal, including tourist destinations. Some of the varieties of noodles are
• Veg fried noodles
• Fried noodles with cheese
• Egg-fried noodles
• Mixed fried noodles

9. Sel Roti

Sel Roti
Sel Roti

As you journey through Nepal, you will have the pleasure of exploring the culinary delights of traditional Nepalese cuisine, including the famous Sel Roti, a dish typically found in traditional kitchens.

Sel Roti is a festive delicacy traditionally prepared during the Tihar festivals and other significant celebrations in Nepalese homes.

Sel Roti, a lovely Nepalese food, can be described as a donut-shaped treat made from a thick batter of rice flour. The batter is carefully prepared by mixing rice flour with baking soda, sugar, and ghee and then skillfully deep-fried in boiling oil.

10. Sukuti


Sukuti is a Nepalese non-veg snack generally preferred due to its unique taste and deliciousness. Sukuti is a dried meat in the Himalayan region prepared by Lumbu and Gurung.

Sukutiis are prepared by frying the meat in the smoke of wood and cutting the meat into large pieces after the skin removal. It gives an unpleasant smell for first-timers, but once you eat, you will have the taste in real.

Sukutiis are served with various Pickles and Soups. A combination of Salt, Peeper, cumin, turmeric, and chili powder and roast until browned and then chopped with tomatoes and green onion leaves provide a unique and mouth-watering taste.

People prefer Sukuti with Alcohol, but we don’t recommend you drink it during trekking as it reduces your ability to acclimatize at a higher altitude. You can have Sukuti with soft drinks like Coke or Sprite or Soda.

11. Porridge

Banana and Almond Porridge
Banana and Almond Porridge

Porridge is a popular Himalayan dish prepared by boiling crushed and chopped starchy plants in water mixed with milk. This cuisine is considered best for higher altitude trekkers and is served as a sweet and savory dish per the flavorings.

Instead of regular cow milk, yak yogurt is mixed with the grains making this dish rich in calories. Across the Himalayan tea houses following varieties of porridges are served:

  • Stampa porridge
  • Oat porridge
  • Honey porridge
  • Apple/Banana porridge
  • Chocolate puddings
  • Cornflakes with hot milk
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Update on: May 24, 2023