Nepal Bhutan Tour: Explore the Hidden Gems of the Himalayan Kingdoms

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Update on: May 30, 2023

The Nepal Bhutan Tour combines the splendors of two Himalayan kingdoms of South Asia. The tour offers the historical and cultural marvels of two Himalayan countries.

Experience the astonishing moments by immersing in these nations’ cultural and traditional festivals.

The Nepal Bhutan Tour offers a unique opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring Himalayas. You can explore mesmerizing monasteries, glaciers, and waterfalls along the way.

Traverse suspension bridges and witness the beauty of verdant slopes during this journey. Encounter Alpine vegetation and fauna, adding to the enchantment of the experience.

The rich traditions and festivities of these countries have a long-standing history. They offer a unique and parallel perspective that has endured over the years.

Magnificent monuments, old-style dwellings, and a divine atmosphere create a memorable experience. It is one of the most incredible trips, with architectural beauty and a unique ambiance.

The Nepal Bhutan Tour offers an excellent opportunity to explore both countries. It also allows you to engage in thrilling adventurous activities.

Explore three different cities in Nepal.

With Nepal Bhutan Tour, one may enjoy a unique perspective on Nepal’s persistent landscapes and greenery. Explore the depths of nature while traveling Pokhara and Chitwan, and marvel at the stunning scenery encompassing each location. Pokhara offers a variety of activities and serves as the central hub from which trekkers depart for their fantastic Himalayan adventure.

Other fantastic activities in Pokhara besides trekking include paragliding, boating in Phewa and Begnas lakes, cycling, and even dirt riding. Moreover, the stunning vista of Annapurna and Macchapuchre to the north provides the lovely city of Pokhara with an incredible feel. Pokhara’s sights will leave you speechless. Aside from that, the Chitwan jungle and the heritage tour of Kathmandu provide nostalgia and genuine adventure to this excursion.

The Chitwan trip encompasses a range of jungle activities that enhance the experience and help you comprehend the relationship between nature and the inhabitants of Chitwan. The view of endangered creatures and the lush lowland greenery makes a charming ambiance while exploring the national park. The historical landmarks of Kathmandu further enhance the expedition’s vibrant atmosphere; one can sense the positive energy when touring the religious sites and interacting with the Local Newari inhabitants.

The majesty of Bhutanese culture and customs

Bhutan, the historically significant and most recognizable nation in terms of history and culture, emphasizes the splendor of our voyage. When traveling to Bhutan, one feels nostalgic for the quaint highways and the medieval town with thousands of small significant monasteries. Interacting with the Buddhist monk and participating in meditation sessions will result in an exquisite experience.

The iconic trek to Taktsang Monastery, exploration of Kyichu Lhakhang, Punakha Dzong, Changkha Lhakhang, Nation Textile Museum, and Ringpung Dzong conveys a calm tone as well as an appreciation for Bhutanese inhabitants’ beautiful culture and extraordinary traditional historical context. Additionally, the unique ambiance of Paro and Thimpu provides a wonderful endure when exploring every entirety of it.

The arts and crafts of the gorgeous architecture exhibiting the majestic aspect of the Buddhism Culture of Bhutan is also one of the fantastic things to encounter during the Nepal Bhutan Tour.

Highlights of Nepal Bhutan Tours – 13 Days

  • Visit Kathmandu’s historical sites and soak up the city’s multidimensional aura.
  • Glide in reminiscence of Phewa Lake while boating and admiring the landscape, Himalayas, and temples.
  • Soak in the Macchapuchre, Dhaulagiri, and Pokhara city panorama from Sarangkot.
  • Engage in the wilderness adventure of Chitwan National Park
  • Short trek to Taktsang Monastery and enjoy stunning vistas of Paro city
  • Visit the National Textile Museum to discover more about the old techniques used for creating Bhutanese cultural attire
  • Explore numerous Dzongs and monasteries in Bhutan, connect with the monks, and delight in their daily rituals and cultural events

13 Days Nepal Bhutan Tours Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival

On this day, you will arrive in the lovely city of Kathmandu. The aircraft view will be breathtaking, as you can see the gorgeous range of the Himalayas to the north and the lush steps of the hills. Our representative will meet you at the Tribhuvan International Airport and drive you to the hotel.

Day 2: Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing

The gorgeous morning and the delicious breakfast provide a refreshing start to the day. Today, we will tour several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley. The first destination, “Pasupatinath,” will astonish us with its incredible holy appearance, with beautiful statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Driving a little farther north, another magnificent monument, the Boudhantath, will greet us with its splendor.

The surrounding area of this stupa will be incredibly tranquil, and you will see monks circling and praying where the flickering prayer flags and the eyes of the stupa contribute to the beauty of the environment. Sawaymbhunath, our next visit, has a fantastic ambiance where we will tour its Prayerhalls, appreciate its architecture, and enjoy the beautiful view of east Kathmandu from there.

Driving farther to the southeast, the enchanting city of Lalitpur will greet us. Patan Durbar Square’s old-world architecture and the gorgeous Newari residents selling arts and crafts set up a wonderful setting. Following that, we will visit Kathmandu Durbar Square and take in the nighttime atmosphere of the Basantapur Area. The same Kathmandu three-star hotel will serve as the accommodation for you to stay overnight.

Day 3: Kathmandu to Pokhara

Following a delicious breakfast in the morning, the bus will be waiting for us at the terminal and take us to Pokhara. The morning drive through the Muglin’s appealing hills will be spectacular. We will gradually have a long-range perspective of the Manaslu and Hiunchuli. Within 5 hours of being on the road, the wonderful city of Pokhara surprises us with its spectacular landscape beneath the shadow of the Himalayas. There will be a short walk around the neighborhood in the evening before getting to the hotel for the overnight stay.

Day 4: Pokhara Sightseeing

After breakfast, the vehicle will take us to the exquisite hilltop of Sarangkot, where we will get an incredible view of the dawn. As the Macchapuchre, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Ganesh Himal emerge, excitement soars to a new level. The next visit will be Bindabashini temple, where we will enjoy the temple’s architecture and historical significance, as well as the magnificent surrounding scenery of the luscious hills.

On the way back, there will be a brief trek to the Tibetan Refugee Camp, where we will have a close-up view of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. We will also visit the Tal Barahi shrine in the lake’s center while boating on Phewa Lake. Similarly, before reaching the temple, we’ll have a thrilling walk through the sacred Gupteshwor cave, where we’ll see bats hanging down the cliff. We will also visit the Mahadev Temple and the International Mountain Museum on our way back to the hotel.

Day 5: Drive to Chitwan

One Horned Rhino at Chitwan National Park, Nepal
One Horned Rhino at Chitwan National Park, Nepal

It’s lovely to have tea in the morning while taking in the scenery of Pokhara. After finishing our tour in Pokhara, we will board a bus to Chitwan. The luxurious bus excursion will take us via the winding Prithivi highway of the luscious hills leading south from the picturesque Muglin settlement. The luxurious bus excursion of 5 hours will ultimately take us up to Chitwan. The overnight stay will be in one of Chitwan’s beautiful hotels.

Day 6: Chitwan Jungle Safari

The morning ambiance will be excellent as we head up to the jungle for bird watching. The variety of bird species, including the Giant Hornbill, cuckoos, and numerous water birds, will astound us. The next adventure will be a jeep safari into the forest’s heart. During a Jeep Safari, there is a good chance of seeing a one-horned rhino and a Royal Bengal tiger.

Another activity will be canoeing in the Rapti River and glancing at crocodiles taking sun baths and, water birds, hunting fishes and insects. The perspective of Chitwan National Park from the river will be stunning. The jungle walk will also be intriguing since the naturalist will instruct us about various insects, vegetation, and even endangered animals and birds.

After completing the jungle activities, there will be a 30 min vehicle ride to the adjacent location of Chitwan, where we’ll stop by the Elephant Breeding Center to witness the elephant family’s delicate breeding process and beauty. Following the completion of today’s Chitwan adventurous pursuits, we’ll make our way to the hotel for the night.

Day 7: Drive back to Kathmandu

We will leave the Chitwan lowlands early in the morning and return to the lush highlands in the north. The fluttering clouds will join us on the bus excursion. The bus will travel the east side from Muglin this time, passing through picturesque communities and bridges. We will eventually arrive in the bustle of Kathmandu after taking in the beautiful view of the adjacent villages and gigantic cliffs. We will take a short stroll to a neighboring temple to rejuvenate in the evening before spending the night at the hotel.

Day 8: Fly to Paro and Drive to Thimpu

The flight from Kathmandu to Paro will take around an hour or one and a half hours, contingent upon the condition of the air. From the plane’s window, we can see the grand ridge of the Himalayan ranges to the north, including Cho Oyu, Makalu, Mount Everest, and Kanchenjunga. Once we arrive at Paro Airport, our Bhutanese guide will brief us. Our first stop will be at the King’s Memorial Chorten, where we will explore the surroundings and marvel at the beauty of this fortification. Furthermore, the drive to Buddha Dordenma gives us a pleasant mood.

The giant statue of the Buddha atop the hilltop mirrors divine enthusiasm, exhibiting the magnificent culture and historical significance of Buddhism. After some time, the Tasichho Dzong meets us, which is the core of Bhutan’s governmental activity. Then we’ll go to the National Museum to admire the magnificent traditional goods, sculptures, and weaponry associated with Bhutan’s ancient battles. Following that, we will briefly explore Rinpung Dzong, closely examining the fortress’s beautiful art and architecture.

A peaceful drive from paro will take you to Thimphu, passing through the local arts and crafts market. The tranquil city route to Thimphu gives a nostalgic atmosphere; there, you will see monks and a variety of other activities displaying Buddhist culture. We will enjoy a pleasant walk through the magnificent market in Thimphu in the evening before spending the night.

Day 9: Drive to Punakha and sightseeing

After breakfast in the morning, we will depart from the lovely city of Thimphu and drive north via gorgeous paddy fields and agricultural terrain. There will be a short pause amid the drive at the stunning Dochu La Pass. From here, you may enjoy a beautiful view of the Himalayas, the lush hills, and the stimulating environment.

There is also a park-like setting at this place where you can take a look at the 108 Memorial Chorten. The chorten was constructed as an homage to the soldiers who died in battle. The road will soon descend, eventually arriving in the lovely city of Punakha. We will spend the overnight at Punakha.

Day 10: Drive back to Paro

Today we will visit Bhutan’s magnificent Dzong, “Punakha Dzong.” This picturesque Dzong sits amid the confluence of the Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers. The Dzong boasts an exquisite design embodying Buddhist people’s appealing artistic side. The exquisite wooden windows, murals, carved materials, and gleaming roof give this Dzong a traditional old appearance.

There are also historical artifacts and numerous incredible chambers and praying halls. This Dzong additionally preserves the remains of Zabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in one of its rooms. Before returning to Paro, we’ll also stop by the Chimi Lakhang Temple. The trip will be delightful again as we proceed to Bhutan’s stunning terrain and excellent highways to Paro.

Day 11: Tiger Nest Hiking

Taktsang Monastery or Tiger Nest
Taktsang Monastery (Tiger Nest) in Bhutan

The excellent morning wind in the magical city of Paro will replenish us. Today, we ascend to Taktsang Monastery, the Tiger Nest. The car will drop us off at the starting point of the trek, from where we will continue rising through the pine forest. The altitude will gradually rise to require us to exert more effort on the final portion of the uphill trek.

The stunning Taktsang monastery, positioned directly on the cliffs, provides a great perspective of Paro and the verdant hills to the north. Padmasambhava is said to have arrived here riding a tigress and pondered for a period. After taking photographs and admiring the breathtaking scenery, we will return to the beautiful city of Paro, where we will spend the night.

Day 12: Paro Kathmandu Flight

A guide will be waiting outside your hotel in his vehicle. The guide will transport you to the Paro International Airport when you depart Bhutan and travel to Kathmandu. The flight will take you from the edge of the Himalayas to Kathmandu, passing through stunning valleys and hills. When you arrive in Kathmandu, our tour representative will meet and take you to your accommodation. At the end of your Nepal Bhutan Tour, there will be a brief program in the evening where you may enjoy the nighttime atmosphere of Thamel before returning to the hotel.

Day 13: Departure

Our representative will drive you to the airport three hours before your flight. Along with the inspection method, there will be a brief verification step. After checking in, you will wait in the terminal until your flight comes. With the final goodbye, you will be leaving the land of the Himalayas and flying to your next destination.

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Update on: May 30, 2023