Nepal Collects Nearly 6 Million USD from Mountain Climbers this Season

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Update on: May 23, 2023

In the spring, many climbers take permits to conquer the different Himalayas of Nepal. One thousand one hundred seventy-six people have taken permission to climb the mountains in the spring season in Nepal. Out of which 277 are women, and 899 are men.

According to the tourism department, citizens from 80 countries have come to Nepal to climb the mountain. Among them, 141 people from America have taken the maximum number of permits.

The Chinese are in second place. According to the department, 119 Chinese climbers have received permission to climb the mountain during the spring season.

According to the department, 76 crores 57 lakh 58 thousand rupees (Approx. 6 million) royalty has been collected from them.

Double Amputee Hari Budhamgar climbs mt everest
Double Amputee Hari Budhamgar climbs mt everest

Royalty collected from each mountain

This season, 478 climbers have been granted permission to climb Mt. Everest. As a result, a significant sum of 66 crores 64 lakh 20 thousand 669 Nepalese rupees (Approx. 5 million) has been collected in royalties from Mount Everest climbers.

After Mt. Everest, many climbers set their sights on conquering the Lhotse Himal. A total of 156 climbers have got the necessary permission to ascend Lhotse. In return, a royalty amounting to 3 crores 53 lahks 89 thousand 630 rupees have been collected from these climbers.

Two people have accomplished the feat of climbing Surma Sarovar North. Their achievement collected a royalty of 1 lakh 5 thousand 320 rupees.

Furthermore, 54 climbers who conquered the mighty Annapurna mountain contributed to a royalty collection of 1 crore 4 lakh 26 thousand 410 rupees.

According to the department, a total of 6 climbers who scaled Mount Pangri Goldumba contributed 3 lakh 16 thousand 440 rupees in royalty fees. Additionally, 63 climbers who conquered Nutse mountain collectively paid 49 lakh 56 thousand 180 rupees in royalties.

Mt Everest

From the ascent of Manaslu mountain, 15 climbers contributed a total of 35 lakh 43 thousand 840 rupees in royalty fees. Similarly, 42 climbers who conquered Thorong peak collectively paid 13 lakh 75 thousand 389 rupees in royalties.

Additionally, 18 climbers who successfully scaled Baruntse mountain paid a total of 5 lakh 89 thousand 275 rupees in royalties.

The Department of Tourism reported that 41 climbers successfully ascended Himalung Himal. The total amount collected from these climbers was Rs. 12 lakh 58 thousand 475.

Likewise, 8 climbers who conquered Thapa Peak (Dhampus) collectively paid 2 lakh 63 thousand 50 rupees in royalties. Another group of 8 climbers who successfully scaled Jarke Peak contributed a sum of 2 thousand 62 lakh 800 rupees in royalties.

Additionally, royalties totaling 41 lakh 39 thousand 620 rupees were collected from 79 climbers who triumphed over Ama Dablam.

Furthermore, the ascent of Makalu mountain by 63 climbers resulted in the collection of one crore 48 lakh 48 thousand 920 rupees in royalties.

As per the department’s records, royalties were collected from various climbers who conquered other different peaks. The amounts collected are as follows:

  • From 9 climbers who successfully scaled Arani Chuli, a total of 2 lakh 95 thousand 987 rupees was collected.
  • 7 climbers who triumphed over Khatungkhang contributed 2 lakh 29 thousand 425 rupees in royalties.
  • The ascent of Tutse (Peak 6) by 2 climbers resulted in the collection of 1 lakh 4 thousand 600 rupees.
  • Royalties amounting to 12 lakh 86 thousand 900 rupees were collected from 12 climbers who conquered Pumori.
  • A sum of 1 crore 3 lakh 69 thousand 80 rupees was collected from 44 climbers who successfully scaled Kanchenjunga.
  • Additionally, 4 climbers who climbed Kabru collectively paid 2 lakh 61 thousand 909 rupees in royalties.
  • Two climbers who successfully scaled Tengi Ragi Tau paid a total of Rs. 4,560 in royalties.
  • Royalties were collected from 2 climbers who conquered Hongu (Sura Peak), amounting to Rs. 1,04,480 and Rs. 98,212 respectively.
  • Three climbers who accomplished the ascent of Bhrikuti contributed Rs. 1,04,480 and Rs. 98,212 in royalties.
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Update on: May 23, 2023